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FIRST TO JUMP: How The Band of Brothers Was Aided by the Brave Paratroopers of Pathfinders Company

When the invasion of Sicily almost ended in disaster, General Jim Gavin was determined to form a unit of special operations commandos who would jump ahead of the airborne forces--including the now legendary Easy Company--stealing across enemy terrain to scout and mark out drop zones with a unique array of homing equipment. The first into combat and the last out, their advance jumps were considered suicide missions by those who sent them into action.


This is the story of the U.S. Army Pathfinders--their training, bonding, and battlefield exploits--told from the perspectives of the men who jumped, and those who risked everything to fly them into action. 

DANIEL'S MUSIC: One Family's Journey from Tragedy To Empowerment through Faith, Medicine and the Healing Power of Music


"DANIEL'S MUSIC: ONE FAMILY'S JOURNEY FROM TRAGEDY TO EMPOWERMENT THROUGH FAITH, MEDICINE, AND THE HEALING POWER OF MUSIC is a powerful saga that deserves a place not just in biography sections, but for health collections and those concerned with spirituality and faith ... Any who would read an uplifting saga of achievement will find this a thrilling, lovely story!"- (Midwest Book Review)

“A riveting chronicle of stunning achievement against the odds.” (Kirkus Reviews)



The year is 2023, but some things haven’t changed: personal liberties are eroding across the world, and countries are taking up arms against their neighbors.

The only people standing between hacker supreme Drajan Petrovik and international chaos are a select group forming the nucleus of Net Force. Though still untested, the newly assembled team must simultaneously engage the cyber-terrorist abroad and fend off a crippling attack in America's largest city. Failure will mean global catastrophe. Success may lead Net Force to the highest level of the United States government. 

CODE NAME CAESAR: The Secret Hunt for U-Boat 864 During World War II

"Reads like a tense thriller, but the authors also keep a steady course on the human aspect of their tale as they reconstruct the events behind this little-known WWII incident and its aftermath."- Publishers Weekly

"For the history buff who's read it all, here's a new book about the little known, one and only underwater sub-on-sub kill in history."- Susannah Cahalan, New York Post 

"Written like a first-class war novel, the book examines not only the Axis submarine force but the Allied efforts to neutralize it. Highly recommended for anyone interested in World War II, or submarine warfare in general." - Jim DeFelice, bestselling author of Omar Bradley: General at War and Rangers at Dieppe.


In a division of NCIS that is charged with apprehending dangerous and elusive criminals that pose a threat to the nation's security, this team of highly trained agents put their lives on the line in the field to bring down their targets. An ORIGINAL thriller based on the hit show.

An 85-year-old rear admiral and two-time California senator is found murdered in his home--the place ransacked and his computer's hard drive stolen. Special agents "G" Callen and Sam Hanna are called in to investigate. They, along with the rest of the team, soon uncover a connection to a top secret U.S. Navy project dating back to World War Two. Putting the pieces together, they are quickly caught up in a race again time to prevent a very real, very deadly threat in the here-and-now.

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